Brent MacKinnon

Work & Learning Path.

I created a map of my work and learning experiences. Click on the hyperlink below to view.

Work & Learning Portfolio (PDF)

My portfolio gives an overview of the community development and youth work projects I’ve developed and managed. The upper half of the portfolio details some of my contract work with organizations.

My career map needs updating. My interests have moved to challenges of aging and growing while growing old. My pages on Euphonia and Using Headsets for Health capture my current interests and work.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss any of my services.

Background & Knowledge Areas:

  •  Detached street youth – street work;
  • Youth mental health and addictions;
  • Youth residential treatment;
  • Youth employment training for disadvantaged youth;;
  • Youth in transition from school to community;
  • Isolated seniors & social inclusion;
  • Improving infrastructure through capital funding initiatives;
  • Website development & online communications;
  • Communications review & between private sector businesses & national youth service training program – Jamaica
  • Newcomer settlement & integration;
  • ·Community development in high need neighbourhoods;
  • Youth volunteer community poverty mapping initiative;
  • Community of practice leadership for professionals working with high needs youth;
  • Consumer survivor initiatives for people affected by mental health concerns and poverty.
  • Policy development & practices for non-profits in the digital, online workplace.
  • Creating initiatives and opportunities for seniors to engage social recreation activities and volunteer leadership roles.

Along with designing programs within a community development context, I’m very experienced in board governance responsibilities and currently provide leadership on two non-profit Board of Directors.

I’m particularly interested in developing strategies and services for individuals and organizations to better cope with the changing workplace brought about by digital network economy, globalization and robotics. Another area of great interest is engaging seniors in volunteer work that decreases social isolation and increases their vitality and health of the community.

To address the permanent loss of jobs across the manufacturing and public service sectors, I co-founded (in 2015) an initiative called Youth Profit. Our Mission was too start a national dialogue that would lead to redesigning a national youth training strategy that aligned with the needs of the 21st century workplace.       The two other co-founders and I chose to put that initiative on hold when other work demands took precedence. In my work with senior cohorts, I’ve successfully developed programs that engage seniors in social recreational and leadership roles.

Work and Learning Themes:

  • Designing and managing innovative programs that address complex social issues affecting children, youth and families
  • Helping organizations improve engagement and performance outcomes by implementing social media policies and practices
  • Blogging on the value and application of social media tools for work and learning (10 years)
  • Advocating for the utilization of the Personal Knowledge Management framework (PKM – Harold Jarche) and the Modern Workplace Learning framework (Jane Hart) as a means to improve performance and engagement in the network era
  • Assuming leadership roles in the design, launch, and management of cross sectoral projects addressing emerging social concerns (mental health, poverty, child welfare, housing etc.)
  • Engaging with hard to serve youth, families and communities through the creation of projects that are consumer owned and supported by social technologies
  • Initiating and supporting online communities of practice to address complex social issues
  • Assisting non profit recreation and social agencies develop websites that engage and support membership community

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