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Modern Workplace Learning – Workshops for Non-Profits

December 8th, 2015


Jane Hart has developed a body of work that she refers to as Modern Workplace Learning (MWL). Harold Jarche has become internationally respected for his writing on the digital network era and its impact on the workplace. Harold’s framework is called Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM) or the “seek-sense-share framework. I’ve taken online workshops with both Harold and Jane and I’m a member of the Modern Workplace Learning Association.

Workshop Series: Modern Workplace Learning

Using both Harold and Jane’s “frameworks”,  I’m creating a workshop program targeting the nonprofit sector.  The primary goal is to introduce the guiding principles and practices of the MWL and PKM frameworks. I believe nonprofits as change agent organizations are obligated to support workplace learning because it leads to improved performance and engagement outcomes for their constituents and for themselves.

Constituents served by nonprofits need workers who can guide and support them in using continuous learning skills to help meet their health and livelihood needs. In this way consumers of nonprofit services will have improved skills and opportunities to manage their life in the digital network era.

In my lengthy experience in the nonprofit sector, I’ve not seen an organized framework approach that supports workplace learning. What I’ve experienced is intermittent supervision and yearly performance reviews as the standard approach to ensure job requirements are met. Those processes have little to do with workplace learning.

The skills and mindsets integral to modern workplace learning can be practiced and learned. They will be a significant components of my workshop program.. I also believe that MWL and PKM frameworks, once integrated into nonprofit worker’s repertoire will lead to the development of new services that will enhance user’s (the public/community) capacity to meet the challenges of employment and health in the digital network era.

In the business and corporate world, workplace learning is the role of the Learning & Development (L&D) department. Like other industrial age institutions, L & D is becoming extinct as workers can and do manage their own learning and professional development. The L&D industry is slowly letting go of their control of the workplace learning environment with the recognition that their traditional training programs are unwelcome and ineffective.

By default, nonprofit workers use their own devices to connect and learn, however there is little evidence of nonprofit practitioners working within and supported by a continuous learning framework. Also, I’ve not seen leaders within organizations using a structured approach that supports workplace or organizational learning.

Poverty, addictions, homelessness and mental health are complex problems. More than ever, these social problems require a continuous learning mindset of practitioners. Nonprofit practitioners, most of whom are steeped in humanistic values and hired for their engagement and counselling skills will need to move from a knowledge worker mindset to a learning worker mindset.

My modern workplace learning workshops will introduce workers and organizations to a structured (or personally constructed framework) approach for increasing performance and engagement results. In the spirit of working out loud, I will be sharing more about my workshop building process over the coming months.


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