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The pattern of discovering new knowledge, thinking deeper about that knowledge and then sharing what you have learned or learning are the steps taken when practicing the “seek – sense – share” framework created by Harold Jarche.

Our learning, work and business environment is more complex than ever.

We are in a new era of work, learning, sharing and innovation.

In our networked digital, always on work environment, embracing a continuous learning mindset is a prerequisite for individual learning workers and organizations.

Your value is directly relative to how well are you connect, learn and share within your networks. Organizations that support workplace learning and sharing practices are agile and responsive to emergent dynamics of the network era work environment.


I help workers (and organizations) become more adapt at building networks that help them stay informed, connect with peers and create solutions to work challenges.

I use Jane Hart’s Modern Workplace Learning and Harold Jarche’s Seek-Sense-Share framework in my work.

Typically, I work with people and organizations looking for new ways and skills to resolve complex problems in our hyper connected, 24/7 networked world.


Transition from Knowledge Worker to Learner Worker: Strengthening staff capabilities to take charge of their professional development and assisting them in adopting a continuous learning mindset – from workplace to workplace-learnspace;

Collaboration & Innovation: Enabling staff through social technologies to collaborate and innovate inside and outside the organization: i.e. set up an online platform for diverse practitioners to work on projects across silos;

Improving Service Reach through Social Tech – Using social tech tools and basic social learning principles to enable consumers or user groups (participants) to become more self directed, confident, connected and employable;


Increasing your skills as a “learning worker” and taking control of your professional development;

Enabling organizations and their leadership to unleash employee innovation and collaboration so better outcomes are achieved;

Designing new initiatives that utilize simple digital tools that engage your consumers and empower them to become more employable and confident as they pursue their aspirations;

Setting up and supporting your internal or external community of practice;

Online Membership Registration:

Installing a membership registration platform that builds and sustains your community of users and supporters; (complies with the new Ontario Not for Profit Corporations Act). I also provide training so you can easily manage all aspects of your membership registration system.


  •   Utilize an online registration process that saves staff and volunteer time, reduces frustration and serves your members more effectively;
  •  Connect more effectively with your members so your organization complies with the new Ontario Not for  Profit Corporation Act legislation;
  •  Utilize an online fillable membership registration form (accessible on your website);
  •  Provide your members that flexibility to easily enter their personal information, change their personal  information at any time and pay any fees or dues related to their membership;
  •  Fully own and manage (no 3rd party) your member management system on your website and/or install (if  needed) a low cost, attractive and simple to manage website that informs your members and the  community about your programs;

If you are interested in any of the topics covered on my website, I would be happy to hear from you.

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