Meet Brent

August 1st, 2011

Brent provides social media consulting services to organizations looking to thrive in a world transformed by digital technologies.

Brent’s focus is to improve staff and organizational performance through supportive leadership, social learning (helping staff learn together) and collaboration on projects that address emerging problems affecting the work of the organization. Brent provides coaching  on the implementation of web 2.0 tools that engage and deepen relationships with stakeholders.

Bridging the Non Profit, Civic Engagement and Social Web Worlds:

Over the past eight years Brent has been using social media tools to engage clients, supporters and partners. Brent’s social tech expertise coupled with his 25 years of nonprofit management experience are a good fit for organizations seeking guidance and support in the development of their social web strategies.

For large or complex projects Brent draws upon a team of experienced professionals with specific skill sets. His core strategic alliances include a highly successful web designer and an non profit organizational change consultant who has extensive web 2.0 marketing experience.

Brent deeply believes in community restoration through civic engagement supported by social web technologies. To that end, Brent serves on three non profit Boards of Directors and numerous civic engagement committees in his local community.

Typically in the nonprofit sector Brent sees these challenges:

1. Non profit organizations, overwhelmed with service demands often don’t recognize or understand how effective use of the social web can:

  • Increase collaboration, networking and effectiveness of service delivery;
  • Strengthen and deepen relationships with users, staff, supporters and partners;
  • Amplify the organization’s impact in the community;
  • Increase knowledge exchange in and outside the organization (aiding staff professional development and retention).

2. Executive Directors, managers and staff are:

  • Overwhelmed be the sheer volume of social tech tools available and unsure how/where to start using these tools;
  • Unsure how to implement and manage these communication tools to meet business goals;
  • Without a social media strategy and policy that can support and guide the organization in using these powerful tools;
  • Requiring training and support as they learn to use social media tools.

Strategic Focus:

Brent’s focus is on developing practical social media strategies that meet the business goals of the organization. He also supports and train staff on using social media tools to engage stakeholders. By mentoring staff as they implement their social strategy, Brent helps the organization take control of their online communications. This approach increases the capacity of the organization and its staff.

The three types of organizations that Brent works with are from the nonprofit, education, public service sectors. Many of these organizations are interested in utilizing social technologies but are unsure where and how to start. Brent helps these organizations understand how the social web can help them engage their constituents and empower their staff, supporters, users and partners.

Linking Online Communications with Business Goals:

Brent helps organizations make fundamental and transformative shifts in how they connect to their communities and build relationships that further their business goals. Brent’s consulting services revolve around linking the organization’s business goals with the online communication practices of the organization.

By helping the organization create a social media or online strategy in place, the organization will have a solid foundation to guide their online communications. A social media strategy with an accompanying social tech policy will ensure transparency of the organization’s online practices and give all constituents including staff, consumers and supporters, a safe infrastructure for communicating online with the organization.

Training & Support:

Strategy and deployment are two sides of the same coin. Recognizing that employees and volunteers often need support in learning to use and follow approved procedures for using social media tools, Brent’s helps the organization develop a social media tools training plan. With a plan in place he can be called upon to provide hands staff training. These training workshops ideally align with the larger online communication strategy developed by the organization.

Social Media Landscape Map: “the map is not the territory” – My lens for discussing social media implementation.

Please click on the map to make it visible and readable. You can download the Social Media Landscape Map here.

Social Media Landscape Map

The upper half of the Social Media Landscape Map can be considered foundation components needed for implementation. The lower half of the map “unpacks” what social media tools can do for an organization. Please note that my map is not the territory. The map is a starting point for a discovery discussion about increasing the capacity of the organization and its constituents through social media strategies, tools and training.


I would be very pleased to answer any questions you might have about my consulting services. If you would like to arrange a meeting for a low pressure chat, please call or email me.

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