Spring 2010

Happy spring colleagues and social web enthusiasts,

The theme for the spring edition of MacKinnon’s Cloud is moving forward with confidence.  A sure sign of moving forward is the increasing number of agencies that are transforming into networked social benefit organizations. These groups understand how social web technologies add value to their core businesses and have chosen to implement low cost, staff managed web platforms to engage their supporters, donors and key stakeholders.

Yes, change is required to communicate more effectively online using social media strategies and tools. To be responsive to your communities that you serve, you can no longer choose to stay put and do nothing.

Your constituents are using social web tools in their everyday business and social lives. Research has demonstrated that engaging your partners, supporters and service users online, adds capacity to your organization and increases your operational effectiveness. The good news is that social benefit organizations can apply their strong community development, collaboration and networking skills to build an effective online strategy that strengthens and deepens relationships all with your stakeholders.

Featured Posts

  • Social Learning: This post will be of interest to young people, schools and community groups using video to tell their stories. The Multimedia Film Festival of York Region streamed video to 3 York Region High Schools.
  • A one minute video advising you to not get stuck in a comfort zone of a stable job. The author, Jan Denys, lists career anchor points as a very powerful way to identify and use your anchor points to drive your career.
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