September 09

December 26th, 2009

MacKinnon’s Cloud – September 2009

Featured Posts

  • There is a lot of buzz going around our community about a multimedia film festival sponsored by local community agencies. In this interview with Michael Bowe, Chair of the York Regional Multimedia Film Development Council we learn what the buzz is all about.
  • The Krasman Centre is 10 years old and has recently opened a satellite program in Alliston ON. Tanya Shute, Executive Director, has guided the growth of the Centre since its beginning. In this interview she tells the Krasman Centre story and looks in her crystal ball to see future of the Centre.
  • Radha Bhardwaj, Executive Director of the Aids Committee of York Region, along with a highly dedicated team of volunteers has had tremendous success in bringing HIV Aids awareness to York Region. Learn more about their work in this 2 part interview with Radha.
  • Intentional Peer Support has been used in crisis respite (alternatives to psychiatric hospitalization), by peers, mental health professionals, families, friends and community-based organizations. The Krasman Centre sponsored a week long training and I was lucky enough to interview the trainer and one of the participants.
  • Would you like to know how much time and resources will it take for your organization to invest in social media? Beth Kanter gets asked this question frequently. She posted her response on her world renowned blog How Non Profits Can Use Social Media.
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