October 09

December 26th, 2009

MacKinnon’s Cloud – October 2009 (click to open PDF)

Featured Posts

  • The non profit starvation cycle is an elephant in the room. This post cites American research that makes the elephant visible. My opinion is that this research applies to the Canadian scene as well. What do you think?
  • I enjoy participating in and mapping the inter-connected networks at play in York Region. In this post I diagram a mash up of the value sets and initiatives that I believe share a common purpose. You can click on an online map to add your own initiative. It would be kind fun to grow an online map of York Region collaborations.
  • My partner Alain (iAutomate) and I, custom design web sites and online communication strategies that engage stakeholders. We love the Drupal platform for site design and using Open Atrium (a module of Drupal) for collaborating with our clients. It’s like preparing a great feast. Have a read and you will see why.
  • Howard Rheingold is one cool dude. He is a famous author, educator and futurist. In this interview titled 21st Century Literacy Skills, he talks about the key learning attributes that will be crucial for those seeking to cross the digital divide. Howard’s message opened my eyes to a very real present and future.
  • The Aid Committee of York Region is hosting a Benefit Concert featuring a collection of local York Region musicians. The CD, titled “Solstice”, is been launched and the musicians will be performing songs from the CD. The fundraising event will be on Friday November 13th at Aurora United Church. Tickets are only $20. You can’t beat that for a great night of music and supporting a valued community organization.
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