Nov. – December 09

December 26th, 2009

MacKinnon’s Cloud – November & December 2009 (click to open PDF)

Featured Posts

  • In 2010, I’m delivering workshops for organizations that are aligning their online communication strategy with their current branding and messaging tools. Here’s an advance preview of what I have in mind.
  • The Social Technographic Profile Tool, developed by Forrester Research shows organizations what their stakeholders are doing online. Non profits can use the tool to create online strategies for engaging supporters, consumers and donors. Forester has loaded up their Canadian data so now non profits can plan their strategies with more accuracy.
  • Are you interested in Community Based Research? Here are 2 short videos featuring Dr. Sean Rourke (Principal Researcher) and James Watson (Peer Research Assistant). They provide a unique perspective of community based research as they describe their Ontario HIV, Housing and Health community based research project.
  • The Calgary Chamber of Volunteer Organizations has released findings from a major report that shows the impact of the recession on non profit groups. The survey is titled Stretched to the Limit: An Economic Impact Survey. There are lessons here for the social service sector in York Region and across Canada.
  • Radha Bardhaj, Executive Director of the Aids Committee of York Region makes an ardent appeal for greater understanding and support for people living with or affected by HIV Aids in York Region. This video of her welcoming introductions on World Aids Day set the stage for a very powerful morning of learning.
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