Fall 2010

November 23rd, 2010

A popular principle used by social media enthusiasts goes like this “when you decide to go fishing, you go where the fish are“. My fall newsletter is about making conscious choices to engage your constituents using social media.

This fishing metaphor is becoming more relevant as non profits are increasingly recognizing that their constituents, including users, supporters, partners, donors and staff are forming relationships and conducting business online. These groups are going where the fish are and are going prepared.

I believe organizations that adopt social media thinking and tools create stronger relationships with their stakeholders. Helping non profits develop their online strategy and policies, selecting the right social media tools, training staff to manage the organization’s web presence are a few of the key building blocks I apply in my work with non profits.  If you would like to learn more about my services, please give me a call. You can see a listing on my recent and current projects on my web site.

Featured Posts

Social Media ROI for Non Profits – You Will Still be Operating in 5 Years: Lessons from the US Catholic Church

Richmond Hill Welcome Centre – Built with Social Media Qualities: A hub centre for Immigrants & Newcomers

Divergent Thinking: Social Media is Reforming my Education: Sir Ken Robinson unpacks education reform

Krasman Centre – PhotoVoice 2 Project:  Recovery Unexpected Consumer survivor pictures with Cooliris software

10 Reasons Not to Ban Social Media in Your Organization And 10 reasons to use S.M. from social tech leaders

Does the Carrot & Stick Motivate You to Succeed? The surprising truth about what motivates us.

We are Visible: Social Media for the Homeless Helping the homeless through a social media web site

Social Media Landscape Map: My Lens for Working With Non Profits & Educational Sector Groups. My starting point

Social Media Strategy + Community Development Strategy = Social Change Combining strategies for social change

“Media is the Connective Tissue of Society”: Cognitive Surplus- Creativity & Generosity in a Connected Age: Clay Shirky

Listening is Not Hearing: The Production of Social Media Requires a Dedicated Cast Acting on what you hear

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