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Network Learning Era

December 14th, 2015

Our work and business environment is more complex than ever. Communication (digital) technologies, automation and  outsourcing practices are all aspects of living in the network era.

We work, play, consume and communicate in an always on, networked world.

There are myriad reports and research reports that describe how we (organizations and workers) are in a transition from the knowledge/information era to the network learning era.

In the network era, how well you connect, create and collaborate with others determines your value. Soft skills of empathy, creativity, sharing and sensitivity are the foundation for success. Technology skills and tools just help you along the way.

Embracing a continuous learning mindset is a prerequisite for learning workers and organizations. More than ever we need to strengthen our ability to learn how to work with others more effectively and organizations need to learn how to open up their hierarchical silos and tap into the creative and innovative capabilities of their staff.


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