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Visual Media (video/photos) – A Direct Route to Social Media Adoption

My work is mostly about helping organizations integrate social media into their culture (mindset) communication strategies, policies and services.

Lately, I’ve come to realize that integrating visual media like video and photos is an equally effective route for organizations to keep pace with their digitally progressive social customers,clients and employees.

Even prior to my decision to leave my 25 years of community development and youth work I was enamoured with video, audio and photography. I saw these tools as a great way to engage youth and communities and to encourage personal growth. As I took on more and more work involving visual media, I realized that I just couldn’t get by with your basic, low cost video/photo equipment.  The emergence of  professional style video cameras priced for everyday users compelled me to step up and purchase one of these beautiful cameras.

What I settled on was the Sony NEX 5n mirrorless compact system camera (not a DSLR but a CSC). Having this camera has turned me on to a whole new world of video and photography. Not only can I produce high quality video and photos for clients, I can help practitioners use visual media to add to their professional development and the service performance of their organization.

The reviews on the Sony NEX 5n camera are outstanding. It’s intelligent auto feature is so well designed it puts the stress of learning new technical information to rest. I can take my time to learn all the manual options while shooting great video or photos with the auto setting on.

Here is a quick description and link to the EOSHD a DSLR website that gives an in-depth review and comparison between the Sony NEX  5n and the Panasonic GH2 cameras. The comparison focuses on low light video recording.

The Sony NEX 5N is the first DSLR* from Sony that offers manual control in video mode and 24p. It precedes the higher end Sony A77 and NEX 7 by about 2 months and is priced at just $599 for the body only. The 18-55mm OSS kit lens is video optimised and has a very effective optical stabiliser. A 50mm F1.8 OSS prime will follow soon (I tried one at IFA, it’s great to finally have a stabiliser on a fast prime!) and the OLED viewfinder add-on.

* I use the term DSLR as an umbrella term for cameras now – when technically the new Sonys are SLT or mirrorless compact system cameras (CSC).

I highly recommend this camera for professional or personal use. The price is reasonable and it produces outstanding video and photos. If your agency or business is looking for good quality and an easy to learn camera, this one delivers on so many levels.

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