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Visual Media (videos and photos) on Your Website

Research is clearly demonstrating how visual media like video and photos significantly adds to an organization’s impact and outcomes. Would you like to use quality visual media on your website but don’t have the staff resources to take on this important communications task?

Here are a few ways that visual media can help your organization or business:

  • Sharing powerful stories that communicates your unique mission or purpose;
  • Building a feeling of value and trust for your organization in your audiences;
  • Enhancing and supporting staff training/professional development;
  • Capturing knowledge acquired at workshops that you can repurpose at a later time;
  • Integrating visual media into your overall business communication strategy;

Through my company, Social Media Tools for Work and Learning, I help organizations improve their performance and long term outcomes. My 25 years of managing community organizations combined with ten years of social media experience gives me a unique appreciation for the challenges faced by the social service and business sector.

I love to use photos and videos that tell powerful stories that inspire and energise. Visual media can help extend the reach of your organization to build membership, increase awareness, broaden your funding base and deepen relationships in and outside your organization.

You can view and download my Visual Media Services flyer below (PDF). The flyer will give you a quick overview of the value and benefits of using visual media on your website.

If you are interested in learning more about my video media services, I would be pleased to chat with you.

Visual Media Services – Brent MacKinnon

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