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Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter Group: State of Social Business

February 5th, 2012

In this video, Jeremiah Owyang discusses his latest research on the evolution of social business. He refers to business as moving through a “heirarchy of needs” (full Altimeter Report here). I think his talk is so bang on as he explains how businesses are becoming predictive in how they operate and that advertising will just go away.

I discovered this video via Maddie Grant at SocialFish. I really like how Jeremiah breaks down the five hierarchy of needs.

His list of needs reminded me of a social media workshop outline I created for universities or college social work programs. The Department Heads I approached told me that social media skills are basically marketing skills and could be learned on the job. In one case, the department head told me that learning social media literacy skills wasn’t part of the college’s core business.

I found those comments rather strange and totally out of step with the reality of the marketplace. I will try again with my workshop course outline next year.

Enough about that trip down memory lane. Here’s Jeremiah’s slide presentation.


Companies Must Ascend the Social Business Hierarchy of Needs

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