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7 Goals for Improving Performance & Business Results via Social Media

September 1st, 2011


I’ve put together a list of goals that are fairly common for any organization that is seeking improvements to its business outcomes, practices and purpose:

These goals are generic to any organization regardless of social media. As you integrate social media as a method to achieve those goals, the results can be exponentially realized.


  1. Improve how employees learn from eachother so they can be better at their job;
  2. Improve how employees share their knowledge so that they and the organization can capture that knowledge for documenting best practices, innovating or creating new practices, replication, adaption etc.
  3. Improve how employees can connect to eachother across a disparate workforce;
  4. Modernize communication systems to increase innovation and advocacy among employees and meet demands of tech savy workers and consumers;
  5. Improve user/visitor satisfaction with services and engagement with employees;
  6. Improve response time to changing demographics and consumer needs;
  7. Improve relationships amongst employess and with consumers, supporters, partners, funders, volunteers (trust & transparancy);

I found some very useful information on the Forrester Research – Forrester Wave: Enterprise Social Platforms Q3 2011 Report. You can get it here but you do need to leave your contact information with Newsgator.

I didn’t make them smart goals as to do that is an a process you follow to drill down into your specific circumstances.

There are others that could be added but 7 seems like a reasonable number. What do you think? If you have a few to add, please put them in a comment.

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