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Webinar – Executive Directors & Non Profit Leaders: Overcoming Your Anxiety about Sharing Online

March 25th, 2011

My webinar sponsored by Edlink (Executive Directors Learning Community) went over pretty well yesterday.

There was some great questions at the end of the session. One person asked about the ROI of social media.

In answering , I chose to focus on the fact that Executive Directors are in control of the process. I reminded them that they have the experience and knowledge about the goals that drive their organization.

My view is that by focusing on organizational and program goals, they can start figuring out how to fit social media channels and tools into their goals. In this way, they are on familiar management turf with social media just one more tool that contributes to their Mission and goals.

To give participants a sense of what concrete results that could impact the organization with a social media program, I included an infographic put together by SocialCast.

This image highlights in dollars and cents the value of social media for improving 1. Sales (for non profit substitute members/supporters. 2. Staff engagement efficiencies; 3. Staff retention. The evidence is overwhelmingly conclusive that social media increases performance and financial savings across the organization.

I also discussed the new “working smarter” culture that organizations are evolving towards. I wanted them to understand how their role in this new culture will need to change to a more open leadership style.

Open leadership is becoming a critical facet of a leaders job description because social learning and collaboration is so clearly driving innovation and new solutions in the workplace. Social learning and collaboration activities activities just don’t survive or thrive in a workspace where leadership style is controlling and authoritarian.

Knowing how much attitude contributes to ones ability to make performance changes, I emphasized the importance of fostering a positive attitude when facing challenging situations. I included a paper by Harold Jarche titled Skills 2.0 (PDF) He artfully speaks about Web 2.0 giving learning professionals an aptitude adjustment.

My view is that your attitude towards change is critical determinant of a leader’s professional development as well as the organization’s progress in keeping pace with the expectations of their stakeholders including staff, volunteers, users, donors and partners.

Here is the slideshow from the webinar. You can access the video and audio recording of the webinar at the Edlink web site.

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  1. March 26th, 2011 at 07:54 | #1

    I had the pleasure of moderating this session offered by Brent, on behalf of EDLink, and I think it is excessive modesty to say it went “pretty well”. While we don’t have the session evaluations back yet, I’ve led enough sessions to know that the audience of Executive Directors was engaged and interested in Brent’s presentation. Of course, nobody could completely cover this topic in a little under an hour-long session, but it was a great overview with some terrific insights. As Brent said, there were some great questions which is always a sign of a strong presentation — thanks Brent!

  2. March 26th, 2011 at 09:09 | #2

    Thanks Bill, I appreciate your feedback. It is such a huge topic. My intent was to bring the strengths of Executive Directors to the surface as they grapple with new challenges of integrating social media programs into their organization. Your right about the impossibility of covering the topic in one hour. Social media and social learning integration is more complicated than installing a few communication channels in your organization. Knowing that staff, service users, partners, funders and supporters are already using these tools is a plus. Starting with your organization’s purpose and goals is a natural way to start this journey. It’s an exciting time for Agency leaders. I’m pleased to provide support along the way.

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