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First Social Media Strategy & Social Learning, then the Social Media Tools

March 10th, 2011

Catherine Sword, Brent, Carolyn Nordheimer (CEO)

Catherine Sword is the Coordinator of Public Services at the Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library. She invited me to speak to staff from local library. It was great to have Carolyn Nordheimer CEO also in attendance and lending her support, Also in attendance where people from other libraries, local museums and the business sector.

My focus on social learning and working smarter was new to many in attendance. So often, the focus is on social media tools and sometimes social strategy. The tools and strategy are a core componenets of my framework, however much of my presentation focused on how social learning combined with social media is making powerful changes in worker performance and organizational impact.

Social learning and social media is fueling performance improvements on individual and organizational levels. What is playing out is a a transformation in the workplace and a radical shift in how organizations build trust and relationships with their stakeholders. These transformative trends underscore the importance of the organization developing a strategy that supports staff creativity and enhances relationships with external stakeholders.

Judging from the lively discussion that ensued after the presentation, I feel that my emphasis on social learning and working smarter reinforced the importance of collective planning of a strategy that would guide the transformation to the social web.

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