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Social Learning & Working Smarter Through Social Media

March 3rd, 2011

I”ve begun a round of workshop presentations to non profit organizations across the GTA. I knew that many organization leaders didn’t know what questions to ask when it came to integrating social media. I also knew that many organizations wanted to begin transforming their organization so they could utilize these powerful relationship tools but didn’t know where to start.

To that end, I’ve put together a implementation framework so that organizations can see the big picture before they blithely start setting up Facebook or Twitter accounts without any understanding of what these tools will do for them.

The title of my workshop series is rather long but for me it captures the whole shebang of my current thinking. Social Learning & Working Smarter Through Social Media – An Understanding, Learning, Doing & and Adapting Framework.

If you are interested in having me present to your Board of Directors or senior management team, please give me a shout. The invitation I sent out to my network is at the end of this post.

Marco Campana is a Communication Specialist with the Maytree Foundation. Marco has a pivotal online communications role within his organization and is a linchpin in the online community in areas of immigration, equity and social justice.

Through his work, many organizations and practitioners in the social service community are understanding the power of people learning together and working smarter through social media. Marco is fostering social learning through social media in his organizations and also in his online networks.

I’m pleased  that the key themes of my presentation resonated so well with the outstanding work being accomplished at the Maytree Foundation. In this two minute interview, Marco shares a few comments about my social media implementation framework.

An Invitation to Non Profit organizations and Associations


Like many non profit leaders, I think you understand the importance of social media for your organization. However, I am guessing the following issues might apply to you and be of some concern.

Your employees are using social media (Facebook, smart phones, etc) for work purposes and you have no policy or guidelines to support them or protect your organization.

Your Board of Directors and funders believe you should put more SOCIAL MEDIA on your web site but money is tight and there is no strategy for using social media to meet your communication goals.

If these situations apply to you, I may be of some assistance.

I’m offering free information sessions on the subject of social media for work and learning. My 45 – 60 minute presentation can be given over a lunch hour or at a staff meeting. I can also present to your Board of Directors in the evening or on the weekend.

If you are interested in seeing what a ½ or full day workshop might look like, I’ve attached an overview of my “Learning & Working Smarter” workshop series.

Do you have someone in your network that might be interested in my offer? If so, please forward this email and attachment along to them.

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