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Learning With Others

March 3rd, 2011

I’ve joined Jane Hart’s 30 Days to Use Social Media to Work and Learn Smarter online group. This was an added feature offered with purchase of her book Social Learning Handbook.

Members of the Internet Time Alliance – Strong advocates of social learning, social media and working smarter.

I’m looking forward to the month of guided learning – albit and thankfully a loosely structured – go at your own pace and interrest approach. I like that as my schedule is hectic. I learn on the fly, often missing key features of tools and months, sometimes years later someone shows me something really useful and I kick myself for not taking the time to look more closely.

I’m one of those impatient men who doesn’t like to read the instructions and pays for it in the end. Jane’s 30 day programme should cover some of the areas I need to sharpen up and most likely introduce me to new tools for the job. I’m waiting for her book from Lulu, a long wait judging by how long I it took to receive the Working Smarter Fieldbook, which I highly recommend. It’s written by Jay Cross and the other members of the Internet Time Alliance (including Jane), my go to source for “working smarter” through social media.

I hope to post on my progress if my schedule permits. The program outline is covering a lot of ground so there will be some rich benefits for my learning and I’d like to share it with those interested in social learning and working smarter through social media.

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